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Couples and families need healthy ways to communicate and resolve conflicts.  When these basic relational skills are not developed or maintained, they can derail the harmony and well-being of the family.  Couples and families that can navigate through the relational storms are more connected and happy.  A highly contentious relationship, on the other hand, can cause emotional distress such as anxiety, depression and even disrupt work-life balance.  Children and Teens who live in a highly anxious and chaotic home, for example, will grow up having difficulty understanding and identifying healthy relationships.  Over all, a highly contentious relationship, whether a parent-child relationship, marriage-romantic relationship, sibling relationship, or other types of relationships, can compromise the individual’s self-confident, identity, sense of emotional safety…and ultimately happiness.

Events that negatively impact a happy life include:

  • Frequent arguments with your spouse or partner.
  • Paralyzed by overwhelming symptoms of depression and stress.
  • Your romantic relationship is falling apart.
  • You are easily on edge and have frequent angry outbursts.
  • Your family conflicts are extremely difficult to manage and resolve.

If you are reading this and you notice that you resonate with any of what you read above, than you’re ready for a change. Our counselors can provide you with therapeutic support, insight, and concrete tools to get your life back on track. Change seldom happens without action. So call us today to schedule a free phone consultation. We can answer any of your concerns about the process of therapy and how our counselors can help you.

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De Angela Smith Community Outreach Director and Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist