Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a therapist?
You can look through the staff page and read a little bit about the therapist
and watch a video clip about the therapist and keep in mind you will be
talking to this person you’ve selected. You are welcome to speak to any or
all of the therapists on the phone before making a choice. Ask questions
that you feel would help you make an informed decision for yourself as to
which therapist would be a good match for you.
How long are the therapy sessions?
A typical therapy session is between 45 and 55 minutes long. If you need a shorter or longer session you an ask your therapist to accommodate.
What is the cost per session?
Cost per session will be determined by your therapist. You can check out their profile page and see what the cost would be. Most have a sliding scale for those who financial qualify.
How often will I attend therapy?
This will be determined between you and the therapist but typically sessions would be once a week.
Do you take insurance?
Currently we do not accept insurance but we do accept most major credit cards. While we don’t accept insurance there are times when insurance companies will accept what is commonly referred to as a “Superbill”. The insurance companies will take this receipt and either reimburse all or part of the cost for therapy depending on your individual insurance coverage.
What's the deal about privacy?
Therapists are mandated by the state of California to keep all session information private and confidential. They are also mandated to break confidentiality if there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse, adult dependent or elder abuse. Therapists are mandated to report if you are planning to harm yourself or others.

Telehealth- We use HIPAA compliant software however, there are inherent risks from using telehealth, including, but not limited to, the possibility, despite reasonable efforts on the part of the therapist, that the transmission of medical information could be disrupted or distorted by technical failures; the transmission of medical information could be interrupted by unauthorized persons; and/or the electronic storage of medical information could be accessed by unauthorized persons.
In addition, telehealth based services and care may not be as complete as
face-to-face services. Also if your therapist believes you would be better served by another form of therapeutic services (e.g. face-to-face services) then you might be referred to a therapist who can provide such services in your area. Finally, there are potential risks and benefits associated with any form of therapy, and that despite your efforts and the efforts of your therapist, your condition may not improve, and in some cases may even
get worse.

How do I pay for sessions?
All the therapists are equipped with the Square App and are able to charge the credit card on file.
Can I just do telehealth instead of commuting?
Most therapists on staff offer telehealth as an option for meeting in sessions.
*Please refer to the privacy section of the FAQ for more information